Seaside Craft Show – A Personal Perspective

On Saturday, June 5th, my wife Sue participated in the annual Seaside Craft Show in Bethany Beach, DE.  This is a juried craft show and is usually one of the highlights of the start of the summer season at the beach in southern DE.  Unfortunately this year, Saturday also brought 94 degree temps and very high humidity which evidently melted the crowds and their enthusiasm.  It’s a shame because I saw first hand how hard all of the participants worked on their crafts and setting up their displays.


Sitting out in the sun all day, trying to sell your arts and crafts to small crowds isn’t exactly fun, but I saw first-hand the enthusiasm and grace with which these folks worked through the day.  I hope they all had some modicum of success.

I’m very proud of Sue and Baxter Bags for participating in her first show.  She did very well considering the conditions and our combined inexperience in preparing for a full day (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM) on the Boardwalk in Bethany.

I work long hours on my mortgage business, but I’ve never seen such a grueling 12 hours.  You really need to love your craft and that’s something that shows through in every Baxter Bag that Sue designs.


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