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September Newsletters Posted

Each month we distribute three (3) newsletters for people interested in the real estate and mortgage finance markets, real estate professionals, professional sales people, and homeowners.  The newsletters are Real Estate Trends, Real Estates Page, and The Sales Update.  Full archives for each newsletter are available here under the “Newsletters” heading on the front page of my website –

Here are the 3 newsletters:

1.  September Real Estate Trends – In economic news, talk about a “double dip” recession is in the news.  It’s not going to happen, but it’s enough to scare people and keep economic activity a low levels.  We also have a story about how nearly 1/3 of homeowner refinances are shortening the term of the outstanding mortgage on their property – this is very good news.

2.  Real Estate Page – Tax Benefits of Home Ownership – A special report that outlines the major tax benefits of owning real estate. These include deductions for mortgage interest and property taxes, sheltering gains on sale, the use of home offices, and rental real estate. 

3.  Sales Update – John Wooden & Success – Learn about the creed that John Wooden, the ledgendary basketball player and coach, lived by and used to help shape a very successful life.

Please feel free to download and use with your database.



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