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Are you out there? Still working hard or are you just frustrated with your business?

First, today is my 34th wedding anniversary.  My wife – Susan – is obviously a woman of infinite patience and a wonderful sense of humor, all backed by a deep reservoir of understanding and tolerance.  How else could she have put up with me for all these years?  Happy anniversary Susan!


What a wild couple of weeks we’ve been through in the real estate industry.  US Debt downgraded, stock market dislocations, troubles again in Europe, existing home sales fell for the 3rd month out of the last 4, and housing starts continue to bounce along at a low, almost anemic pace – ah, those “dog days of August” right?  Look, if you are still in this business you’ve come to expect this sort of craziness.  Let’s look for some good news and build some skills (or re-acquire some “lost” skills) and get down to work.


First the good news – for buyers, prices remain steady, inventory aplenty, financing rates at rock bottom, and there has even been some easing recently in qualifying criteria.  For sellers, inventory is moving for attractive properties that are correctly priced and financing is available at great terms for the buyers of these homes.  There is demand out there.  In Sussex, it seems to be concentrated in the low end (to $350,000-$400,000) and the high end ($900,000 +).  It’s the $400,000 to $900,000 range that seems to be the slowest.


Now about building or acquiring some skills?  For the past 3 months, out Sales Page newsletter has focused on a real business killer – Call Reluctance.  This is a roadblock that keeps many people from succeeding in sales.  Call reluctance may be hurting your business more than you think.  I’ve combined our last 3 month’s newsletters on this topic in one document that addresses the tell tale signs of call reluctance, the types of call reluctance, and finally, what you can do to overcome this business killer is 8 steps.  Here is the link:


Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle to Sales Success


Mortgage rates held relatively steady this past week.  My rate sheet is attached for the weekend and here’s the link to my rate sheet online if you want to forward it:  Baxter Rate Sheet


Have a great weekend and never hesitate to contact me if you need something – hit the cell, send an email, pop a text, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.  And, if you need to get a buyer pre-approved?  Just send them to my secure online application – Baxter Online Mortgage Application – Click on “Start Your Application


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