Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to think about 2012 | Rate Update


I’m back from vacation and hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As we emerge from the turkey induced haze, let’s remember we all have businesses to build and a new year coming.  It’s time to start getting prepared.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be providing links to my Sales Update newsletter articles that talk about motivation, business planning, and sales skills to help you get prepared for 2012.  All the best to you and here is the link to an article about the basic elements of success.  I hope you find it helpful – let me know.




Mortgage bond prices ended slightly lower last week, which pushed mortgage interest rates higher.  Weak stocks and continued Euro debt concerns helped rates improve early in the week.  The data generally helped rates as well.  Q3 GDP disappointed with 2% increase compared to the expected 2.5% mark.  The Treasury auctions had strong demand and also helped the overall bond market.  The shortened and thin trading conditions fortunately did not result in any extreme whipsaw trading that is often common.  Mortgage bonds ended the week worse by approximately 1/8 of a discount point.

Here’s the link to my rate sheet online for Real Estate Professionals:  Baxter Rate Sheet – (This should be used as an indication of mortgage rates, not as a firm quote or commitment to lend.)

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