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8 Things to Focus on for Facebook Marketing!

I found the following 8 items online and thought they brought together some good advice for using Facebook as part of your marketing efforts.  I'd love to know what you think.  You can leave me some feedback at

Facebook is the biggest social network on the planet–more than 800 million active users. So you really can't ignore it in your online marketing strategy. Here are some tips to take your Facebook effort to the next level.

1. Don't stray from your topic. 
When people "Like" you on Facebook, they expect subsequent posts to relate to you and your industry. Here's how to keep the ideas coming:

  • Think why you visit a page–you're looking for tips, an answer to a question or information you don't see elsewhere
  • Tie a current event to your business
  • Ask your audience to post pictures, stories or questions about your industry to your wall
  • Repost the best content back out as an update
  • Share a humorous YouTube video that connects to your industry

2. Drive traffic to your website.
Don't bury your web address on the info tab where visitors can't find it–display it in several places. The first place to feature your web address is in the "About" field of the info tab. It's in the very visible left sidebar of your Facebook page. But only the first 80 characters are displayed before a "More" link appears. So put your web address first.

3. Give them a reason to become fans.
Use a Reveal tab to offer first-time visitors a call to action. Encourage them to Like your fan page in order to receive a coupon, a free trial or special information. This is a great way to increase fan conversion rates while offering real value to becoming a fan.
4. Ask them questions. 
Be sure to make the questions interesting, even entertaining. It's a great way to get your Facebook fans talking. Go for questions that need just one-word answers or are otherwise easy to respond to. Best of all are questions about the fans–people love to talk about themselves.

5. Mark your milestones. 
When you reach a milestone, celebrate with your fans like you would with friends. Even if it's something small, pull your fans in and thank them. 

6. Add a picture. 
Put one in every Facebook status update you can. Use pictures of yourself or your customers, employees and special events. And be sure to crop them…they'll be tiny on Facebook, so zoom in! There's really no such thing as a bad picture.

7. Work the network. 
Tap into your Facebook audience to get instant feedback, ideas on new products or services, insights on how to market better and which topics are trending with your audience. Be proactive!

8. Study the data.
There are currently unmined volumes of data that have been crowd sourced through Facebook and other social media. Start experimenting with data mining, data-driven analysis and intelligence now, because that's where we're going. Learn how to use data to create more intelligent, more targeted and more effective marketing campaigns.

Start using these tips to leverage the power of Facebook right away…. Enjoy a great month!

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