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Is This Winter? | Testimonials | Rate Update




Good morning and welcome to another wonderful winter Saturday morning in Delmarva.  With only a couple of cold snaps, winter is almost done and we have Spring to look forward to.  Spring will also mean we are one quarter of the way through the year.  How are you doing with against your plan?  The real estate market is getting active and I hope you are taking advantage of it and selling houses, moving listings, and getting settlements.


Selling is a relationship business and without the elements of credibility and trust, you’ll be struggling in the dark to overcome an enormous handicap.  When a potential client asks “why should I do business with you?” how are you going to get that person to trust your answer?  A referral letter or testimonial is the most effective means of communicating a message that your have credibility and can be trusted.  I always talk about testimonials as “social proof” and I use them extensively on my LinkedIn profile (see it here – Jeff Baxter’s LinkedIn Profile). 


For more information and thoughts on referral letters and testimonials read my Sales Update newsletter – Have Your Customers Say It .  And while you are at it, I’d like to ask you to send me an email testimonial about your experiences with me and my lending team.  It would be very much appreciated and I’d be very happy to return the favor. 


Now the markets and rates . . .


Mortgage bond prices were slightly lower last week, which pushed mortgage interest rates higher.  Rates were positive the beginning of the week following weaker than expected retail sales data but rose sharply following unfriendly data Thursday.  Lower than expected weekly jobless claims started the negative trend.  The figure was the lowest since 2008.  A surge in the core producer price index also added pressure to rates.  The core rose 0.4% in comparison to the expected 0.2% increase.  Fortunately the core consumer price index was in line with expectations, which kept the rate increases in check.  Debt trouble in Europe continued to dominate headline news, which also helped.  Mortgage bonds ended the week worse by 1/8 of a discount point despite the volatility.


Here’s the link to my rate sheet online if you want to forward it:  <a href="; title="“>Baxter Rate Sheet (this rate sheet is provided for real estate professionals as an indicator of current market rates.)


Have a great weekend and never hesitate to contact me if you need something – hit the cell, send an email, pop a text, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.  And, if you need to get a buyer pre-approved?  Just send them to my secure online application – Baxter Online Mortgage Application – Click on “Start Your Application


And here’s an easy way to introduce me to clients when you make a referral.  Send them to my About.Me Profile:  Click Here


When talking with clients, hosting open houses, or just emailing information to them, it often helps to provide a free report or article on a topic that would be of interest to the potential buyer or seller.  I have included below links to Free Reports that you can download, print and mail or fax or just email to your clients and prospects.  I hope you find them helpful.


Here are Free Reports for your clients! 


Existing Homeowners:


Have a GREAT weekend!

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