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Springing Ahead in this Market | Mortgage Rates

It’s been a few weeks since I sent out my rate sheet and thoughts on the market.  Too much travel – two trips to Florida for sales conferences with Prosperity Mortgage and then with Wells Fargo – and too much business.  Both great things though.  We had fun in Florida on both trips, learned some cool new stuff and got re-invigorated for another year.  I really think this is going to be a super year in the real estate business and my plans calls for an increase in personal production of 25% over 2011.  After two months, we are off to a blazing start and are 27% ahead of 2011 YTD.  March looks even better.

Why do I share these numbers with you?  I’m very, very positive about the real estate market at the beach and see big things coming.  My hope is that the more you hear about successes, new business, and optimism, the more positive you’ll be about your own production and your own business results.  Let me know what you think about the market – post something on my Facebook page or Twitter (links are below) or just send me back an email.

Are you looking for some good information to send to your “sphere of influence”, your “database”, your “client list”?  Whatever you call it, you can add value to it by regularly sending out items of interest.  Articles or ideas that make their lives better, easier, or more complete.  Information that helps them save money, accomplish tasks, or invest time, energy, and money wisely.  Here is a nice piece for your sphere that explains how to handle the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit repayment requirement on the federal income tax return.  Here is a link for you for forward:  Paying Back the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

We had continued good news yesterday on the employment front.  Good job growth for the past 3-4 months which is awesome news.  Also, home buying affordability is at its highest rate since the NAR has been tracking the numbers.  The unemployment rate held steady as more people returned to the work force looking for work which offset the growth in employment.  It’s called the employment participation rate and explains why the unemployment rate did not drop even though the number of people employed grew substantially. 

Mortgage bond prices finished the weak near unchanged keeping mortgage interest rates relatively in check. Rates were positive the beginning of the week following reports that Greece would not make the deadline to persuade bondholders to restructure the debt they held. That all reversed by the end of the week when a large majority of bondholders looked to be on board. Greece was required to restructure the debt in order to obtain bailout funds from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Despite progress, there was still some uncertainty heading into the weekend. Most analysts agree that Greece still has challenges even if they obtain the bailout funds. Future instability in Greece could benefit our interest rates by reigniting the flight to quality buying that has factored into our low rates.

Here’s the link to my rate sheet online:  <a href="; title=";“>Baxter Rate Sheet (for real estate professionals to get an indication of where rates are currently)


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