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End of the Quarter | Handy App | Rate Update

Good morning and welcome to the end of the first quarter of 2012 – what a quarter it was!  Sales in the local market seem to be very strong even if prices are still not moving up.  I would characterize prices as bouncing along the bottom in the beach markets.  It seems the fall in prices is probably over and 2012 may be the year things stabilize and we can start to see renewed growth from here.  Whatever your view of the market, sales are out there – how are you doing against your 2012 goals now that we are one quarter of the way through the year?  Hope you are killing it and I hope I can help you kill for the rest of the year.

I’m celebrating the end of the quarter by heading to Augusta, Georgia next week for the Masters.  I’ll be traveling Monday – Friday next week, attending the Wednesday practice round and Par 3 Tournament at Augusta National.  It’s my first trip to the Masters and I cannot wait to take in the scene.  Of course, I’ll still be available next week if you need to get in touch and Kathleen will be in the office to take care of any mortgage needs.  We also have great loan officers in our Ocean City and Salisbury offices that can handle pre-approvals for you.

Have your ever been out with clients and needed current mortgage rates or had to calculate a payment?  If you use a smart phone, check out my personal smart phone application called LoanApps.  Download the application to your phone and you can get my mortgage rates up-to-date, calculate mortgage payments and home affordability for clients and easily contact me via email or phone.  It’s completely free for you to download and use.

Click Here from your iPhone,BlackBerry and Android:

After you download the app, please use my activation code: 3026021067

Mortgage bond prices finished the week higher helping mortgage interest rates improve.  Rates were negative Monday morning but got a boost later that day as Italian Prime Minister Monti suggested that Spain may soon become the epicenter of the European debt crisis.  This reignited the flight to quality buying of US debt as fears grow that Italy and Spain will need a bailout like Greece.  Unfortunately for Europe, the economies of Italy and Spain are considerably larger than Greece.  Rates were helped later in the week when the durable goods orders data came in weaker than expected and weekly jobless claims were higher than expected.  Mortgage interest rates finished the week better by about 1/4 to 3/8 of a discount poin

For real estate professionals here's the link to my current rate sheet: <a href="; title="“>Baxter Rate Sheet

Have a great weekend and never hesitate to contact me if you need something – hit the cell, send an email, pop a text, or contact me on Twitter or Facebook.  And, if you need to get a buyer pre-approved?  Just send them to my secure online application – Baxter Online Mortgage Application – Click on “Start Your Application

And here's an easy way to introduce me to clients when you make a referral.  Send them to my About.Me Profile:  Click Here

Have a GREAT weekend!

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