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A Little Real Estate Humor for the Weekend

Just a Little Listing Agent Humor for You…


Hope you get a laugh from these “funnies” today.

Please share your favorite, humorous listing story with me!

Closing Attorney: There was a problem with the title because a deceased aunt had a “title interest” in the property that the borrower was purchasing from the “estate”. I called the borrower and informed him that we would need proof of death. He called back, said that he had the documentation and would bring it to closing to clear up the problem. The borrower showed up to close with a Polaroid picture of this aunt’s tombstone.”

Realtor: The buyer told me that he lived in the same house for 10 years. When I checked (his residency), he’d still be there today if the Governor had not pardoned him.

Realtor: The sellers told me the house was near the water! It was in the basement.

Seller to listing agent: “I have a temporary mortgage.” “What do you mean temporary?” “Until they foreclose!”

Developer Sign: “We have LOTS to be thankful for.”

Realtor: “I just listed a maintenance free home”. In the last 25 years, there hasn’t been any maintenance.

Seller to Surveyor: If you want to know where the property line is, just watch the neighbors cut the grass.

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