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Funny Real Estate Descriptions: What it REALLY means when it reads…

Ever wonder what people think when they read the real estate “description” of a home in magazines or on the Internet? I found these funny interpretations that I thought you’d get a kick out of, so I’m sharing them with you.When it Says = What it Really Means.Much potential = Steer clear unless you have a lot of money.Unique city home = Used to be a warehouse.Contemporary = Lots of steel shelves that look like they came from Sears.One of a kind = Ugly as sin.Upper bracket = If you have to ask…You’ll love it = No you won’t.Must see to believe = An absolutely accurate statement.Spacious = Average.Charming = Small.Cozy = Really small.Walk to stores = Nowhere to park your car.Bright and sunny = Drapes & blinds not included.Sprawling ranch = Floor plan sucks.Unaffected charm = Needs painting.Starter home = Run down.Natural setting = Deer & rabbits will eat your plants and shrubs.Park-like setting = A tree in the back yard And much, much more…Can’t think of anything more to say. Hope you enjoyed this!

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