Don’t Motivate the Audience, Inspire Them

I saved this post from a newsletter/blog I follow and wanted to share it with you.  I’m all about inspiration and I love to present new ideas and information to referral partners and clients.  This post is all about inspiration and comes from one of the best sales books around.
So, here’s the article that got me started . . . .

As you probably already know, I’m a fan of reading sales books.  They really do kick butt.  Anytime I read one I walk away with something that’s going to benefit my business, or change my attitude.  But what really happens is I get Inspired.I was reading Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “The Little Green Book of Getting Your Way” and I came across a section where he’s talking about giving presentations.  He has a bullet point on page 99 of the book that stopped me and made me ponder.  I love it when I come across a point that stops me and makes me think about it because I wind up drawing so much more out of it.

It’s bullet point 8 on page 99, and it says:

“Don’t motivate the audience,
inspire them”.

There are two short sentences that follow – “Motivation lasts a moment.  Inspiration lasts years.”  Wow.  Does that hit you like it hits me?  For me it’s kind of like a 2×4 to the forehead.  In my personal experience, when I’m presenting, I think I’m in more of a motivation mode than an inspiration mode.  That’s going to change.So maybe you’re thinking “well Frank, you present for a living, of course this is important to you, but what about me?”  Whether you’re a loan originator or a real estate professional, you’re a presenter.  If you think about it, we’re always presenting.  When a loan officer courts a real estate agent for their business, they’re presenting.  When a real estate agent goes for a listing, they’re presenting.  Taking a loan application?  You’re presenting.  Anytime we’re interacting with one or more individuals for the sake of getting paid, we’re presenting.The trick here, is how to apply it to our own personal business.  How do we make a listing presentation “inspiring?”  Better yet how do we inspire someone while taking a loan application?  There are ways to do this.  We have to become really good at painting a picture, either with our words or our power point, or whatever else we might use to make our “pitch”.  Gitomer has several other points in this section that can help us develop our ability to inspire someone within our presentation.Here’s a few.  “There must be at least one Aha!”  “Give the audience hope”  “Extract emotion from the audience by sharing yours”.  As a presenter, this becomes very helpful to me because I can make these considerations before I sit down and create my presentation.  But for the loan officers and real estate professionals out there in the field I believe it’s a different story.  Your presentations are less formal.  You’re typically not on a stage going over a prepared power point.  You’re talking to people on the fly.  You’re having lunch with them.  You’re meeting them over the kitchen table or over the phone.  That’s where your challenge lies.I know it’s not easy to set aside some time to have an actual purposeful moment to consider how you can inspire someone in your day to day presentations, but we should.  I think we all would agree with that.  I guess the main thing to consider here is the word “inspire”.  So think about how you present now, and then think about what you might be able to change in an effort to inspire your audience.  It might be a short story based on your personal experience that you add, or instead of focusing only on the benefits of working with you, how about a little “hope” thrown into the mix?Either way, think “inspire”.  Remember – “Motivation lasts a moment.  Inspiration lasts years”.  I hope this article was inspirational.  Heck writing it inspired me!  When we get inspired we feel great about it, likewise if we can inspire our referral partners and customers they’ll feel great about it too! 

Great post right?  go out there and do it and send me some feedback.  I’d love to hear from you.

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