Yes, Time is Precious . . . So Learn How to Manage It

There is no doubt that time is a business person’s most precious resource. In fact, time is everyone’s most precious resource. We never realize how precious time is until we run out of it. George Burns had 100 years, yet he never had time for his final performance.

In our Sales Update, we write about dealing with priorities, the opportunity cost of lost time, spending your time more productively, and other ideas for treating time as a valuable resource.

I hope these two articles help you and your staff better manage your time. 

Time Management Part 1

Time Management Part 2

2 thoughts on “Yes, Time is Precious . . . So Learn How to Manage It

  1. I couldn’t agree more – time is invaluable and no matter how hard we try we can never make more. We can only become better managers of our time. Thanks for sharing these articles as well – I’ll have to check them out!


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