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Tips to Increase Facebook Likes and Shares

Your Facebook Business Page can be an important part of your online marketing.  Here are some great tips.

This is from the IBIS Network and Joshua Millar who provides Networking Stratagies for Better Business.

Whether you are new to Facebook or just looking to be more successful in your marketing attempts, it is important to start off strong. Creating a Facebook page for your business is very smart, and promoting your page will be the most important element after creating your account. Below are some helpful tips to generate likes and shares on Facebook:

1) Engage in Small Talk – Talking with clients or prospective clients will build trust, especially if you talk candidly about products and services. Small talk will also allow you to get feedback on how to improve your business, while maintaining a pleasant and personal approach.

2) Time Your Posts – Research has proven time and time again that posting quality information at the right time of day will generate more likes and shares than randomly posting throughout the day. Typically mid-day to late afternoon is the highest traffic time on Facebook, but you may want to experiment a bit to see what works best for your users.

3) Link Your Website – Creating your Facebook page and getting it going right is a positive step, but your website is your true home on the internet. Social-media trends will come and go, and you want to outlast them all. Having a professional and engaging website is key to this. Link to your website via your Facebook page to help funnel traffic.

4) Offer Promotions – Getting creative and offering promotions through Facebook will make you extremely popular. Offering unique and engaging promotions, even small ones, will generate a bump in your traffic and keep users coming back for more.

5) Request Feedback – Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or feedback from your clients; after all, they are the ones keeping your business running. Be professional in your efforts to approach and ask questions, and in turn, be willing to give advice to those who seek it.

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