Consumer Advice

What to do if the Power Goes OUT!

If you’ve never experienced the agony of your electric power going out, you are one of the lucky ones!

But I’d bet that you’ve probably had it happen to you at least a couple of times!

So how do you prepare in case your power goes out? Well, here’s a list of things that electric companies recommend that you have on hand— especially if you have been advised that there is a major storm on the way with the possibility of losing power.

Water supply
Fill containers to use as drinking water
Fill your bathtub with water and use it to flush toilets
Fill sinks for washing hands and face
Food – 3- to 5-day supply
Canned meats, vegetables, soup
Instant foods
Foil pouch food
Pet foods
Kitchen aids
Manual can opener
Disposable plates, cups and eating utensils
Propane for your grill or camp stove
Other supplies
Dozen no-drip candles
Flashlight & extra batteries
Portable radio
Ziploc baggies
Baby wipes
Freezer ice packs
Large cooler
Sleeping bags or extra blankets
Warm clothing
Duct tape
First aid kit
Just a couple other things to do:

If it’s cold outside, keep doors and windows closed so the home retains heat
Close curtains or shades
Turn on an outside light which will let you know when power has been restored
Open refrigerator/freezer doors sparingly
Keep ice packs in freezer to keep food cold as long as possible
Check your pets as they may require extra care and feeding
I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, this will help you be prepared.

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