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How to Double WOW Your Sellers

I recently read a social media post where real estate agents throughout the country posted comments on what they do to “double-WOW” their sellers AFTER they have listed their home.

I wanted to share some of their comments with you — and ask that after you read this article, you let me know what YOU DO to WOW your sellers.

  • Preview competing properties before recommending a listing price
  • Write up the MLS listing info and give to the seller to review before listing on MLS
  • Talk about open house strategies
  • Create great-looking brochures and provide an exterior brochure box
  • Always give feedback after each showing
  • Give feedback every time a new, competing listing comes on the market
  • Give feedback every time a competing list is SOLD
  • Provide copies of all ads and links to on-line ads
  • Ask the seller if they would like to view competing listings
  • Contact the seller at least 3 times during the first two weeks the home has been listed
  • Make an inspection of your vacant listings every few weeks
  • Ask the seller for feedback and their suggestions on how to get their home sold
  • If the seasons change, retake exterior photos

Would you please reply back and let me know what you do to follow up with your sellers?

I’ll compile a list from other agents too and send you another email with other ways to WOW sellers!

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