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How to Stop “SPAM” Telephone Calls

Is it just me, or are you getting a ton of “spam” telephone calls also? If you previously registered with and are still getting these annoying calls, you may want to re-register if:

  • You have moved since you last registered
  • Your phone has been disconnected and then re-connected by the phone company
  • You changed calling plans
  • You changed phone service providers
  • You added (or deleted) phone lines

You can list up to three phone numbers per registration. However, you will also receive an email with a link where you must confirm your phone numbers. If you don’t click that link within 72 hours, you must re-register again. By the way, you can also register your cell phones.

Other ways to block unwanted calls

  • If you have set up your computer (or a voice message app on your computer) to answer the phone, you’ll find options to block the calls coming from that number. Some even have a feature where you can report unwanted calls.
  • While each phone and cell phone provider has its own built in app, you can set up you phone to accept calls from only those numbers listed in your “contact” list.

And I’m sure that if you shop around, you’ll find an “app for that”.

There are certain people and organizations that are “exempt” from the Do Not Call Law.

  • Political Organizations
  • Charities
  • Telephone Surveyors
  • Companies where you have established a business relationship with or you gave them your phone number to call you.

One more thing—in addition to registering with the national, each state has their own laws and I recommend that you register your phones with the state too!

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