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5 Ways To Update Your Bathroom

Re-doing a bathroom can be expensive—but I have some tips to help you update your bathroom without spending a ton of money. In fact, most of the updates cost less than $100.

New Coat of Paint – It’s one of the least expensive ways to give your bathroom a completely different look. Soothing colors like green, blue or blue/green tones give the impression of a spa-like retreat.

New Linens – Change the towels and floor rugs to give the room some pizazz. It’s one of the easiest ways to create a new look. Watch for “white sales” for the best deals.

Change Cabinet Hardware – Knob and drawer pulls can go a long way to making your bathroom look more current. Test out a couple of different styles and finishes to make sure they match your colors and cabinet style. Choose new ones the same size as your old ones so you don’t have to drill additional holes in the cabinets

Paint/Refinish Cabinets – Instead of replacing your cabinets, consider painting the ones you have, or refinishing them if the wood finish is scratched or faded. Talk to the paint store expert for advice and the right paint to buy.

Accessorize The Room – This is the thing that “finishes” the room and makes it pop. Try a basket on the floor for magazines. A nice arrangement of artificial flowers or greenery. Candles. A ceramic piece. You’ll find a ton of things at the local discount store.
One more thing – Think about these tips (to update your bathroom) when it comes time to sell your home too!

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