You Have To Have Confidence

If you go to any sales seminar, you will be taught important sales skills such as how to overcome objections and close the deal. The problem with this training is that you will not likely learn the real objection from the customer. Why? Because the customer may be telling you that your price is to high. Yet time and time again consumer surveys indicate that people do business with people they like and trust.

It is not that price is not important, but a customer is not likely to react to a low rate if they do not trust the messenger. And if they do not like and/or trust you, they are even less likely to let you know this is the reason why they are not interested in your services. It is much easier to say to you that they received something better somewhere else instead of you sounding like someone with whom they did not want to do business with.

There are many keys to the creation of trust. In this article we will address only one of these. That is confidence. If you do not have confidence and the customer does not feel this confidence, it will be virtually impossible for them to trust you. What are signs of lacking confidence? Over the phone it can include:

A hesitation in delivering answers;
Not knowing what to say when;
Talking instead of listening (or rambling is a better description);
Lack of a confident tone.

Ask yourself, how confident do you sound when you speak to your client or prospect? If you are not confident, why not? Is it because you do not know what you need to know or you have a hard time projecting what you know?

If the problem is that you do not know what you do not know, then stop trying to fake it and start learning! You need an educational plan that makes sure you are constantly learning. This plan should be multi-faceted and include attending live classes, reading books and articles, on-line courses and more. Do not concentrate on one aspect of your business. For example, if you are a real estate agent you would have to learn technical details such as how to properly price a listing and also become an expert in sales
If your problem is projecting your knowledge, you need to practice. Role-playing is an excellent method of practicing conversations with prospects. Go out and join organizations and participate in their activities. Here are two possibilities:

Join a networking group through the chamber of commerce or BNI. Volunteer to present information to the group or an individual who wants to learn.

Join Toastmasters, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping their members become public speakers. It is very inexpensive and most areas have local chapters and you can obtain more information on their website,

Here is even better news. If you use the methods we have outlined above, they all will lead to networking opportunities and more business. This is why you should favor live classes over on-line classes when possible. Put yourself in situations in which you are surrounded by others and can network among these groups. Force yourself to engage in conversations.

The key to this networking? Listen! Those who have confidence do not feel the need to talk about their knowledge constantly and they are continuously learning from others. Confidence is a major key to success that may be missing from your arsenal. And if you are not sure if it is missing, ask others.

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