I recently came across a blog where the person asked, “What do you wish you had known earlier in your real estate career?”

There were a ton of comments and I’d like to share the I WISH I WOULD HAVE comments:

Not spent money without income: Expensive farming and advertising don’t yield results fast enough.

Didn’t waste my time on untargeted lead-generating efforts: I did dozens of open houses in my first year. Big waste of time.

Focused on a niche: A market segment or geographical area, either will work. Write blog posts and network with people on the topic.

Become the expert on…something: People respect knowledge. The more specific it is, the more it’ll be respected.

Not relied on referrals alone! We expected referrals from friends and family. Although we have received a few “leads” as referrals, not one has closed.

Learned to prospect for business every day. Always be looking for the next buyer, seller, or investor who you can help today.

Made a list of your sphere of influence and let them know what you are doing! And added at least 5 new spheres every month.

Fired clients who were not a good fit. It’s not worth the effort and you won’t get referrals from them.

Become a community resource for my clients. Giving advice and information is key to more referrals.

Attended more seminars and programs. How can you grow your business if you don’t enhance your knowledge regularly?

Spent more time learning about mortgages. That way I could have educated the buyers and sellers on what to expect—which would have made for smoother closings.
So, question for you! What do you wish you had known earlier in your real estate career?

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