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How to Add Pizazz to Your Open House

When making a listing presentation, I’m sure you discuss the open house option with the seller.

Here are 9 ideas that you can use with your listing presentation on the unique ways you would hold an open house—and how you plan to get it sold!

Prepare CD’s with at least 20 pictures of the home and attached a CD label with the picture of the home, the address, listing info and a “note to pass on to a friend”.

Hand out water bottles with the address and picture of the home on the label.

Invite a mortgage lender, offering free credit reports to prospects

Create a room-by-room feedback sheet. Attach to a clip board and ask visitors to make comments and return the sheet to you.

Increase the time for the open house, like from noon to 6 pm

Hold the open house in conjunction with the seller’s garage sale

Place 20-25 directional signs from all streets and freeways to make the home easy for people to find.

Prepare a flyer with the open house date and time. Distribute them to everyone in the neighborhood.

Print a small label with info about the house and the website where it can be viewed. Place the label on the back of your business cards so visitors remember where they met you.

Oh, the business card idea? Give a stack of them to your seller and ask them to pass out to their friends and family.

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