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How to Use QR Codes to Get More Business

You know those “boxes” with “squiggly lines” that you see on everything from food, to electronics, to automobiles?

Well, it’s called a QR Code, which translated means “Quick Response Code”. According to Wikipedia, it was originally created for the auto industry, but it’s making its way into real estate listings — as one of the ways to distribute information thru the use of smart phones.

What happens is that a consumer holds their smart phone, scans the QR Code, and instantly receives information about the home they are standing in front of.

Here are four ways you can use QR Codes as one of the pillars of your marketing strategy — including this as an option when making a listing presentation.

Business Cards – Place them on your business cards to scan info about you, with a link to your listings.

Your Car – If you have a real estate sign attached to your car, many people not only notice was you stopped at traffic lights, but also when you are parked. By adding a QR Code to your sign, a person can scan and view listings, give them a link to your website, or email address.

Direct Mail Post Cards – Usually, you have no idea how effective a direct mail marketing campaign is — because you have no way of tracking the results. By adding a QR Code, you can track the number of people who used their smart phone to get info.

For Sale Signs – Add a sign-rider with a QR Code so people standing in front of the home can scan it and instantly get pictures or a video tour. It will also help you track the “interest” in a particular home and report back to your sellers.
The information to include are just limited by your imagination. Here are a few other suggestions that you may not have thought of immediately:

Video tour
Floor Plans
Deed Restrictions/Covenants
Property Survey
Neighborhood Street Maps
School Information
Local Businesses
If you are looking for more information on how to create your own, Google the term “QR CODES” and you’ll find exactly what to do to create your own, including websites where you can host them for free.

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