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NAR 2013 Profile of Typical Real Estate Agent

Every year, the National Association of Realtors publishes a survey called “NAR Member Profile.” It’s a random survey of Realtor® members asking them questions about their income, the number of transactions they handle in a year, their age and their experience in the business. I’d like to share the major points from the survey with you.

Approximately 2 million real estate licenses in the US (No numbers on how many are inactive or part-time)

Income stats
Medium Gross Income – $43,500
Broker Gross Income – $54,900
Sales Agent Gross Income – $34,000
16 Years as Realtor- Gross Income – $57,300
Work 60 hrs. Week Gross Income – $85,700
21% Earn six-figure income

Average Transactions Per Agent
12 Sides
At least one foreclosure/short sale side
Average $1.5M annual sales volume
80% Focus on Residential Real Estate Sales

Secondary Niche Market Focus
18% focus on commercial property management
17% specialize in relocation
15% sell commercial real estate
7% focus on land developers

Where Agent’s Business Comes From
21% repeat business – less than 16 years in the business
40% repeat business – more than 16 years in the business
21% referral business – regardless of number of years in business
Background Before Becoming Real Estate Agent
6% started their working career as a real estate agent
19% business, management or financial background
15% retail sales
9% office worker
7% education background

Experience Level & Work Week
Average 13 years in business
Average 40-hour work week
39% hold a NAR Real Estate Designation
50% hold a B.A. Degree
15% are fluent in another language

57% women, of which
52% real estate brokers
63% real estate agents
Average age: 57 years old
2% under the age of 30
4% between ages 30-34
25% over age 65

14% have one personal assistant
4% have two or more personal assistants

Real Estate Ownership
87% own their own home
46% own investment property
10% own commercial property
13% have one vacation home

Social Media
64% have personal website
95% are listed on company’s website
56% use social media
12% blog regularly
92% use email to communicate
90% use the telephone to communicate
74% use text messages to communicate

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