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“Always be Closing” is No Longer Cool?

Closing450I recently read an article where Dan Pink, in his book To Sell Is Human, says that the old paradigm of “always be closing” is no longer cool. He says that instead of concentrating on always making the sale and getting someone to sign on the dotted line, he recommends the following:

  1. Don’t use a scripted sales pitch—start a conversation instead.
  2. Your central goal is to discover whether you and your potential clients are a good fit for each other.
  3. Establish trust and honest communication early on in the conversation.
  4. Change your basic mindset to one where you are there to help your clients.
  5. Never chase or spam your clients—set up scheduled phone and face-to-face appointments instead.
  6. When the potential client offers objections, try to uncover the reason behind the objections.
  7. Let clients feel that they “chose” you without being “sold” to.

When a potential client asks, “Why should I choose you over the competition?” your first instinct might be to start defending your services because you want to convince them to buy.

Instead of defending yourself, review the 7 suggestions above. Ask potential clients:

  • Who is the competitor they are comparing you with?
  • What are the key issues that are keeping them from doing business with you?
  • Ask them about their goals and relate how you can help them achieve them.

What other non-closing suggestions would you recommend to be added to this list?

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