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Why Some People Don’t Trust Real Estate Agents

I recently read an article, written by another real estate agent, about why some real estate agents have a stellar reputation and why some cannot be trusted.

And, this applies to how other real estate agents and the general public perceives them.

I wanted to share with several of the possible reasons why some agents develop a bad reputation.

Inaccurate Description of Homes: The description claims that the home is move-in ready. When the client and real estate agent walk into the home, they find a hole in the wall in one of the bedrooms. Stained carpeting. Water spots on the ceiling. Not only were the client’s expectations not met, it reflects on you if you believed the description and did not preview the home before showing it.

Coaching the Seller when Completing Property Condition Disclosures: The client reads the property condition disclosure and decides to buy the home. However, upon receiving a home inspection, they find out that the roof had been damaged by hail and to fix the problem, the seller nailed the shingles back in place, leaving holes in the rafters. We all know the seller is the one completing the disclosure. However, the buyer’s agent ultimately discovers (because the seller confessed) that the listing agent coached the seller on how to answer some of the questions.

Not Communicating in a Timely Manner: There are agents who don’t return their phone calls. Don’t present offers in a timely manner. Their voice message says they only return calls during certain times of the day. And some wait days to pass on bad news to sellers or buyers. It only hurts all real estate agents if another makes a negative comment about a colleague.

“Buying” a Listing: Some agents will list a home at a higher price than the market dictates—just because the seller wants them to. The hope is that if there are no showings, they will be able to convince the seller to lower the price in the future. Now the home has been in the market for months and may have lost a lot of showings (or a possible sale) because the price was too high, and the prospective buyer purchases something else instead.

I’m not here to bash real estate agents! I respect most of them that I work with. However, to me, it’s all about how the mortgage and real estate industries are perceived by our clients!

Are there any other reasons that you’d like to confidentially share with me why some people don’t trust real estate agent?  Drop by my Facebook page and let me know in the comments:

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