Be a Light Switch

The CEO of our company – Fairway Independent Mortgage – send the following email out to all employees this morning that I wanted to share.  Jake is the heart and soul of this company.

Yesterday, during our Monthly Marketing call, Daniel Harkavy (CEO of Building Champions) shared a perspective about being Thankful—–that wanted to share with our team.

He related how when we meet people—–each day, but specifically when meeting friends and family for Thanksgiving—–that our objective should be to look at each interaction as a “divine opportunity”——and that WE should be like a “light switch”——-with the objective being to meet the person and give them a “little bit more life” because of meeting YOU.  We have a choice with that light switch—–and we want to flip the light switch ON!


He listed 3 objectives: 

1)Listen to them


3)Help THEM to become a little better—–because of spending TIME with YOU.

Personally, thought the call could have ended right there.  What great wisdom and insight was shared; as we never know when our “LAST OPPORTUNITY” will be.

We all have much to be thankful for.  MY HOPE—-would be that Coach Harkavy’s  insight is a “light switch” for all of us over the next few days and beyond!

Happy Thanksgiving—-am grateful for the people and the hearts in this special company!


Thanks Jake and I agree . . . I’m grateful to work for this special company.  Have an awesome Thanksgiving and thanks for all you have given me over this last year.

One thought on “Be a Light Switch

  1. nice thoughts. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Much to be thankful for this holiday season!

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