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What to do if You’re Feeling Burned Out

BurnoutI recently read that “burnout” can be caused by long-term exhaustion or a diminished interest in work due to boredom. Burnout happens over time, but once it hits, some real estate agents just quit the business because they just don’t know how to overcome it. Others just keep plodding along hoping things will change.

While praying that things will change is always an option, there may be other things that you can do to change your attitude.

If you find yourself doing the “slow burnout” or have experienced it in the past, I’d like to share some suggestions that other agents have successfully used.

Take Some Time Off

      – It could be just a long weekend. Or maybe a week or two.

Don’t Think About It

      – Have someone cover your business while you are away and don’t think about real estate during that time period.

Do What You Enjoy

      – It’s the little things. Visit friends, golf, garden, exercise—whatever you like to do. Consider the motto, you

“Work to Live, Not Live to Work.”

Research a New Real Estate Niche

      – Maybe you’d like to become a new-construction specialist. Or a “green” specialist. Or work with baby boomers. The NAR has special designations for different genres that you may want to look into.

Learn Something New

    – Take a class at your local university. Sign up for an art class. Volunteer at your favorite charity. Find a hobby.

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is not the way to get rid of that burned-out feeling. Please consider some of my suggestions because it just may give you a fresh perspective on the work that you do and a new purpose in your life.

What have you done in the past to overcome burnout?

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