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It’s May 1st – How is Your Year Going?

PanicIt’s true, nothing is ever gained by panic.  Hopefully, at the beginning of the year, you set goals and developed a plan for 2015?  Well, it’s now May 1st and you are 1/3 of the way through the year.  How are you doing?

If you are ahead of your goals and have a full pipeline of clients and potential clients looking for homes or looking for mortgage financing, then congratulations.  Now is the time to buckle down and keep the pedal to the metal – winners don’t coast when they reach a plateau.  Winners pedal harder while others simply coast.  But, the problem with coasting is that you then begin to go downhill.

If you are behind in your production for the year – don’t panic!  Review what you did the first third of the year and see what tactics and strategies are working and which are not doing so well.  Refine the most promising and drop the losers. Develop new plans to reach your goals.  Set a short term to get yourself back to where you need to be based on your numbers.  If you can accomplish that short-term fix over the next two months, you’ll have the second half of 2015 to really blow it out.

Nothing is ever gained by panic.  Thoughtful, realistic analysis of your situation and a look back to how you did things in the first part of the year will tell you what you need to do.  Best of luck for the remainder of 2015.  Let’s do this!

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