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5 Reasons to Create a Real Estate Community Website Page

Bethany Totem PoleIf you want to stand out (above all the other real estate agents) in your community and on-line, you may want to consider creating a “Community Website” page with useful information for both local residents and those who are planning to relocate to your corner of the real estate world.

It’s not that hard.

I’m sure that you have a ton of information about:

  • School districts
  • History of the community
  • Demographics
  • Local attractions
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate stats
  • Local government
  • Senators/congressmen
  • Google Maps
  • Surrounding communities
  • Theaters/arts

Reason #1 – Attract Home Buyers: NAR says that almost 90% of all home buyers start their search for real estate online. If they Google for information about schools or the number of listings versus sold homes, it’s more likely they will land on your community page. To attract relocation buyers, it is also a good idea to post a short video explaining the benefits of living in the community.

Reason #2 – Attract Home Sellers: When sellers consider listing their home for sale, it’s important for them to know not only why their home is great, but the home’s significant selling points also — like the distance to the nearest school, shopping, dining and recreational locations.

Reason #3 – Community Real Estate Expert: Not only do you list and sell homes, you also set yourself up as the local expert when it comes to all things “community.” Your community website page (or blog) shows that you have a better grasp of what’s going on in your area — over your competitors.

Reason #4 – Online Presence: Back to reason #1 – your leads will be in direct proportion to how people find you online. While your whole goal is to sell homes, by featuring a community page, you’ll also get “name recognition” when people Google terms such as “schools in Georgetown, DE,” “Georgetown, DE parades,” “the name of Sussex County, DE congressman,” etc. It is also suggested that if you use social media, you post events and community updates on those pages, with a link back to your website page for full details.

Reason #5 – Knowing your community inside and out gives you credibility. Just the process of creating a community website page forces you to keep track of local updates and events. Think of it as your very own “Community Wiki” and you are the EXPERT!

What is your community website page?

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