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What the Heck are Specialty Consumer Reports?

I know you are well aware that credit bureaus keep track of your debts, payment history and credit scores.

But, did you know there are other reporting agencies that keep track of your insurance claims, your employment history, your banking history and much more?

So, I’d like to share with you the names of some of the reporting agencies so you can investigate them yourself to make sure your records are accurate. I am provided the names of the companies and locations so you can Google and find the website links.

Your Banking History:

  • Certegy Check Services, Tampa, FL
  • ChexSystems, Inc, Woodbury, MN
  • TeleCheck Services, Houston, TX

Your Employment & Background Check:

  • First Advantage Consumer Relations, Seminole, FL
  • LexisNexis Consumer Center, Atlanta, GA
  • Verifications, Inc, Watertown, SD

Your Insurance Claims History:

  • C.L.U.E Report from LexisNexis Consumer Center, Atlanta, GA
  • iiX Company, Bryan, TX
  • A-PLUS Consumer Inquiry Center, Jersey City, NJ

Your Medical and Prescription Drug History :

  • MIB Inc., Braintree, MA
  • MedPoint/Ingenix, Inc., West Valley City, UT

Your Utility Account History:

  • NCTUE Disclosure Report, Atlanta, GA

Your PayDay and Sub-Prime Loan History:

  • Clarity Services, Clearwater, FL
  • DataX, Ltd., Las Vegas, NV
  • FactorTrust, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

If you’d like a complete list with phone numbers and email addresses of the companies mentioned, please visit (a non-profit education and advocacy agency for consumers).

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