Consumer Advice

How to Speed Clean Your House

speed cleanHas this happened to you?

You get a phone call that a long-lost friend is driving through town and wants to stop by to see you.

Your house is a mess.

Here are some tips to help you speed clean your house:

  • De-clutter table and countertops
  • Put children’s toys and dog/cat toys in paper bag and put it out in the garage or closet
  • Throw loose articles of clothing in the washer or dryer
  • Open up curtain and blinds
  • Use a damp cloth to wash down bathroom sinks
  • Quickly clean a dirty toilet
  • Febreeze the living room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Sweep the areas of the house where your guests will be walking
  • Sweep the front porch

Depending on the work involved, these quick clean-up tips should take you less than 30 minutes to complete.

Please email your quick clean-up tip suggestions so I can add to this list.

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