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10 Awesome Things to Say to Get People to Work with You!

20140302-073331.jpgI read a blog the other day.  Really, I did!  It is about “words/sentences” that can make a difference in your relationships with your peers, real estate agents, colleagues, family and friends — BUT ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT!

Here are the 10 things to say to people that could make a huge difference in getting them to cooperate, to work with you, and to respect you!

  1. Here’s what I was thinking – Give others reasons why you think the way you do. Justify with logic and not from a position of “power.”
  2. I was wrong – Admit it – you won’t lose respect, you’ll gain it.
  3. That was awesome – Praise is a gift that costs nothing, but is priceless to the person receiving it.
  4. You are welcome – When something thanks you,” simply answer “you are welcome.”
  5. Can you help me? – This shows your vulnerability, respect for others’ opinions and willingness to listen.
  6. I’m sorry – Never follow an apology with a “disclaimer.” Say you are sorry and take the blame and leave it as that.
  7. Can you show me? – Don’t just ask for input. Ask to be taught or shown how to do something.
  8. Let me give you a hand – Don’t say, “Is there anything I can help you with?” Instead, offer to help in a way that feels collaborative, not patronizing.
  9. I love you – Every time you say it—say it like you mean it!
  10. Don’t say anything – I know, it’s hard sometimes , but sometimes it’s best to say nothing at all—especially if you are angry or upset. Be quiet until you know exactly what you are going to say.

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