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25 Tips to Prepare Your Sellers for a Home Inspection

Home InspectionI recently read a blog written by a top real estate agent. He has had several deals fall through because the home inspection report came back with comments like “not tested” or “not inspected—unable to access.”

When preparing sellers for a home inspection, he now provides them with a checklist to help ensure that everything gets inspected and the report is as complete as possible.

So, I’d like to share with you 25 tips on preparing your sellers for a home inspection.

  1. Turn on all utilities (gas, water, electric)
  2. Light all pilot lights (including gas fireplaces)
  3. If home uses propane or fuel oil, make sure there is sufficient fuel in tanks
  4. Turn off alarm systems (unless advised otherwise)
  5. Back up your computer, as the inspector may be testing the electric by turning it off and on
  6. Move furniture away from heat and return vents
  7. Clean out wood-burning fireplace

  1. Provide access to electrical panels and breaker boxes
  2. Provide access to ALL GFI electrical outlets
  3. Clear area around water heater
  4. Remove your pets during the inspection
  5. Provide access to the attic, crawl space or basement
  6. If you are not present at time of inspection, provide the inspector with your phone number in case he has questions
  7. Remove cars from the garage
  8. Trim bushes away from water faucets, dryer vents, air conditioning unit
  9. Replace filters—furnace, AC and range hood
  10. Remove items from the tub, shower, top of toilet tank
  11. Remove items from bathroom sink cabinet so inspector can check water cut-off valves
  12. Remove dishes from kitchen sink
  13. Remove items from kitchen skin cabinet
  14. Remove dishes from dishwasher and pots/pans from stove top
  15. Remove clothing from washer/dryer if these appliances are included in the sale
  16. Replace burned out light bulbs
  17. Install new batteries in smoke detectors
  18. If home has been upgraded or an addition added, provide receipts and building permits if applicable

One more thing, remember to provide the home inspector with a copy of the sellers’ disclosure form!

So, what else would you add to this list?

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