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What You Should Never Say In MLS Listing Descriptions

69fc0-mlsThere are real estate marketing gurus who specialize in helping you write awesome home descriptions when listing a home and make them stand out to potential home buyers. But, there are very few who tell you what NOT to say.

Here’s a list that I found online that I’d like to share with you.

  • Hurry, this won’t last long…(on a listing that is 6 months old): If you use the “act now” strategy, and the home does not sell within a few weeks, set a reminder to yourself to update the wording.
  • Needs some work : If it’s really a fixer-upper, just say so. Be more specific on what needs fixing — the bathroom is in bad shape but the rest of the home is good. You will weed out buyers who are not interested (or don’t have the skills or money) to fix the problem.
  • Need 24-hours’ notice to show the home: While the seller may want some time to clean the house, it’s also important to know your market and the neighborhood. It’s suggested that you NOT include this comment in a tight real estate market, and advise sellers to be prepared to show the home within a few hours.
  • Agent must be present at the showing: Potential buyers may feel intimidated. They may also want to make comments about what they would change in the home (to their agent) but hesitate to do so thinking the listing agent will “defend” the home and try to “sell” them on buying it.
  • Cozy, Quaint or Convenient: Cozy usually means smaller, and convenient means on a busy street. You don’t have to point it out. The square footage will tell them how big it really is and they can see for themselves where it’s located.
  • Great potential: Refer back to “needs some work.”
  • Typos: just take the extra time to proofread your listing. Are there any other listing statement like this that annoy you?

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