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10 Ways to Use Your Testimonials

When you get a testimonial from one of your clients, what do you do with it? Do you put it in the file? Post it on your website and forget about it?

I’d like to suggest 10 ways you can use your testimonials and client surveys as a killer marketing tool.

  1. Instead of calling them “testimonials,” call it “What My Clients Say About Me.”
  2. Take a picture of the actual, hand-written “statement” and post it on Facebook
        a. From a thank you note
        b. From the client survey
        c. From the note card if you are sent flowers or a gift
  3. Create a Tab on your Facebook Fan page and post all your testimonials there TOO.
  4. Add them to your website
  5. Create a coffee table book
        a. Place the originals in a plastic binder sleeve
      b. Take a picture and create a book using online companies like
  6. Send a copy of the survey to the loan officer involved – with a note that says…just wanted you to know what Mr. & Mrs. Jones thought about me!
  7. On the back of your business cards
  8. On your personal brochure
  9. Get a video or audio recording of a testimonial
      a. Take your recording equipment to closing. While maybe 1 out of 10 people will do it, those that do agree will have an even BIGGER impact!
  10. When sending a thank you note or thank you email to your clients for doing business with you, add a P.S. that says: Also, thanks for the testimonial (comment) that you made about my services when you said: “Then quote their exact words.”
      a. This reinforces and jogs their memory, and is a “record” of what they said about you and your company.

If you would like to read more about using Testimonials in your marketing, go to my Sale Update newsletter:  Have Your Customers Say It


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