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Planning a Trip? What You Should Include When Packing Your Bags

20140223-072201.jpgOther than your clothes and personal grooming items, there are some additional things that the travel experts recommend that you bring along with you when packing your bags.

First, don’t start out with packing so much that you have to sit on your suitcase to close it. Leave some room in case you bring something back with you. Consider using a suitcase with pockets, which makes it easier to find things, too.

  • Band Aids and Advil/Tylenol – If your shoes start to bother you or you have splitting headache, it will save money and time and you won’t find yourself shopping for them at a convenience or the hotel store.
  • Tide-To-Go Pen – Quickly removes stains from clothing.
  • Extra power strip/phone charger – Saves you from always searching for an electrical outlet.
  • Comfy shoes – If you’ve purchased a new pair of shoes for your trip, take along your comfy pair too in case your feet start to hurt.
  • Extra Jacket/Sweater/Raincoat – One thing you know about the weather—it’s always changing.
  • Envelope – Keeps your receipts/car rental agreements, etc. all in a one place
  • Plastic grocery bags – Use for dirty or wet clothing so the rest of your bag’s contents stay clean.
  • Printed copies of your travel documents.
  • Email yourself copies of travel documents.

Please share what else you recommend that I add to this list.

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