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Do You Know Where Your Leads Come From?

20140302-073915.jpgIt’s as simple as asking a question.

It sounds easy enough.

I’ve interviewed some agents on HOW they get their leads — but have found they may not be asking the right questions — nor do they keep track of the source of their leads.

The biggie reasons for asking the right questions are to learn:

  • Who to thank
  • Which marketing campaigns are working
  • Which marketing campaigns are NOT working
  • Where to best spend your marketing dollars
  • Where to best spend your time

So, here are some questions to ask when…

You Hold an Open House

      – Why did you stop by to see this house? How did you find out about the open house?

Someone Calls to See Your Listing

      – How did you find my name and number?

You Get a Referral from Another Agent

      – Why did you call me to handle your referral?

A Seller Calls You To Make a Listing Presentation

      – How did you hear about me?

Someone Calls You to Buy a Home

      – Did somebody refer you to me?

You Get a Lead Via Social Media

      – What is the reason you choose me?

You may be surprised at some of the answers

    – and it could be money in the bank to know the source of your leads.

So what other questions would you ask?

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