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A Few Suggestions on How to Impress Your Buyers

provide valueHere’s the thing…almost everything anyone would want to know about real estate is available for free.

So, what can you do to provide “value” when the buyers that you are working with are searching for properties online? Learning how many times it has sold and for how much? Researching public records? Using Google maps?

The one advantage that YOU have is knowledge of the local market. Guidance that will save your clients money. Helping them understand the positives and negatives when showing them homes. While they may be able to find information pretty much everywhere, the other advantage you have is your ability to “interpret” what it really means in terms they can understand.

Here’s are some suggestions on how to impress your buyers:

  • Preview the homes you plan to show them – Contact the listing agent for additional property information that you can provide to them when showing them the home.
  • Ask them about their “Home Wish List” – Pay attention to make sure that the homes they want to view meet some of the items on their wish list. Share information about the homes you previewed that don’t meet some of their requirements.
  • Pay attention to their “hot buttons” – During the showings, read their body language, pay attention to how they react to certain features of the home. You may discover that some of the items that were on their wish list are not as important as they thought they were.
  • Provide detailed information – This includes local MLS stats, average days on the market, price range of sold homes, property taxes of other homes in the neighborhood, etc. This would be like a mini-CMA to help buyers evaluate each home you show them.
  • Google is your friend – Search what’s going on in the neighborhood. Check with local government to see if there are any proposed projects or new developments planned. Map out all the homes you plan to show them so they have a good idea of their location to each other.
  • Personalize your information – Take the time to put together a packet of information. Include their name and maybe the “wish list” they shared with you.

By providing MORE information than buyers can find on their own, you are showcasing your expertise and setting yourself apart from other agents who just put buyers in their car (or meet them at a home) to view the homes THEY request to see.

What other things would you add to this list?

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