Realtor Advice

How to Deal with Upset Clients

PanicSometimes it does not matter how much information you give your clients ahead of time.

Information like what to expect when listing a home. Holding an open house. The contract negotiating process. The inspection and appraisal process. The closing.

Or they may become irate because you did not return their call quickly enough. Or the home has not sold within the time frame they expected. Or you suggested a price reduction.

There will be times when your clients get upset with you!

The trick is to not let yourself get emotional and get upset yourself — someone has to stay rational.

So, here are some tips to help you stay on track:

  • Let your clients “vent” without interrupting them.
  • Take notes and repeat their concerns back to them.
  • If you were wrong, apologize
  • If you were misinterpreted, explain again and send a written follow up
  • If you have dealt with the issue…
    • Suggest the next steps to take
    • Change the subject to something positive

How do you deal with upset clients?

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