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5 Real Estate Topics to Talk About on Your Social Media Pages

ListingsNot everyone is a writer.

Not everyone is a storyteller.

Not everyone is creative when it comes to what to write about when it comes to social media.

Well, you really don’t have to be a writer, storyteller or creative as long as you are consistent—and providing USEFUL information regularly.

But you might be saying to yourself, “what should I write about?”

Here are five simple ideas for topics to write about, which will encourage more people to follow you because of the timely, useful information.

1. The Top 10 – Perform an MLS search and report on the “Top Ten” real estate sales in your city. It could be the top 10 luxury homes. The top 10 new homes. The top 10 entry-level homes. The top 10 unique homes.

2. Bargain Homes – Are there some great listings out there that you think are a bargain? Maybe they need some TLC. Or they have gone through an extensive renovation. Or homes in a certain area that don’t go up for sale very often.

3. New Listings – They don’t have to be your own listings, but search the MLS for listings to share with clients. They could be customized to be:

      a. Top 10 listings between the price range of X to Y

b. Top 10 Craftsman-style homes.

c. Top 10 Townhomes

4. Frequently Asked Questions – Pay attention to the questions your clients ask you on a regular basis. Post the question and either write an answer or create a video. After a while, you’ll have a serious list of Q & A’s that you can direct your clients to read/view.

5. Information About City/Neighborhood/Farm Area – Write what you know about the local real estate market. The schools. Community events. Unique businesses you would recommend. Don’t hold anything back hoping people will contact you for more info. The more you tell, the more you sell.

What are some of the other things you suggest that I add to this list?

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