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Emotions vs Logic (Guest Post)

Today we have a guest post from Rob Trachman of Creative Insurance Solutions, LLC in Potomac, MD and Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Guest PostWith the political conventions capturing so much of the nightly news reports these days, I thought it would be useful to consider the differences between buyers (or voters) making their decisions based upon emotion versus logic. Said succinctly, the sale (or vote) is made emotionally, but justified logically. Emotions emanate from the heart, while logic evolves from the brain. Emotional response is derived from that which impacts our feelings of love, personal satisfaction, personal growth, personal safety, and being a part of something special. Logical thinking strives to remove emotions from the equation, leaving the basis of decisions on pros and cons such as price, service, value, fit, ease of use, reliability and guarantees. When a buyer expresses why they took a particular action, you often hear that it is based on price, or one had a better warranty, or the online reviews were better with one option versus the other. These are logical concerns that justify their purchase decision. If the expression includes feelings, you are hearing an emotional response.

If you can get someone to reveal their problems, pain and unmet objectives, then you can build a vision for them of their problem and the solution you offer. They will make their decision favorable to you because you helped them feel that it’s to their advantage to do so. When positioning your offer, certainly you need to be logical, but without an appeal on an emotional level you may never close the sale and may never know why. Sales people opine about the sale they did not make although they were the logical choice. What was missing was the emotional side of the proposal that affects the heart and closes the sale.

Rob can be contacted using the information below.  If you need a creative solution to your insurance needs, I highly recommend contacting Rob.

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