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Networking for People to Who Hate to Network

A View from the Beach
A View from the Beach

Let’s face it—a vast majority of people view networking as a chore! If you are shy, it’s especially painful. But, as a real estate agent, it’s one of the pillars of your business that is critical to your long-term success. Jodi Glickman Brown, President of Great On the Job, shares tips on how to network — and maybe even enjoy the process!

Working the Room

Scope Out the Room: A room full of strangers can be intimidating. Try to find out who’s going to be there ahead of time or ask to check the registration when you arrive. Start your networking by finding someone you already know and ask, “Is there anyone here that you think I should meet?”

Bring a Wingman: If you can, bring along a friend who is more outgoing than you and ask them to help you meet new people. You might also ask them to “talk you up” a little bit when being introduced — “My friend Jolene sells real estate and specializes in luxury homes…”

Arrive Early: Let’s face it…it’s easier to walk into a room with 10 people instead of 50!

Networking One-on-One

Listen More Than You Talk: Ask questions to get the person to talk about them self (who doesn’t like to do that?). Ask questions like, What was your first job? Or, what is your favorite website or blog? Asking about a favorite book is also a good conversation starter.

Schedule a Lunch: If you feel that you have something in common or find that you are bonding with the person you just met, ask if you might contact them in a couple of weeks for lunch! Aim for one lunch per week with someone new.

Rely On Friends: You are only about 4 people away from ANYONE you want to meet. Ask a mutual friend to make an introduction—either at the event or via email.

Get Permission to Email Updates: Especially if you regularly provide useful information about the current real estate market, home improvement tips or how to increase your credit score. Ask for permission to include them in your email notices. Most people (face-to-face) will say yes and they can always opt out if they don’t want to receive any more emails from you!

Don’t think of networking as “asking for something”. Think of it as “giving something”. It’s all about meeting new people, contacts and resources that you can tap into later!

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