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Ten Listing Photo Do’s and Don’ts

IMG_0140Real estate photos are a big deal.

If you think about it, they make a difference in getting a higher percentage of your listings sold.

I’d like to share with you 10 ideas that I have come up with after viewing property photos of the homes buyers want me to help them finance.

  1. Do include the maximum number of pictures allowed by MLS and internet websites. If they allow 25 pictures, don’t post just 12 if nearby properties display 25. Viewers will think you are hiding something.
  2. Do take a minimum of 3 pictures of the exterior of the home. Front of home. Back yard. Street view. If there are amenities, like a park, playground, community swimming pool, include those too.
  3. Don’t take a picture of an open toilet. In fact, you don’t even have to take a picture of a toilet unless is really, really special.
  4. Do take multiple photos of rooms from different angles. Even if they don’t all turn out, at least you’ll have several you can choose from.
  5. Don’t take a picture of a vacant room. Showing just carpet and a blank wall means nothing unless there is something special, like a great view from the window, a large closet or a unique lighting fixture that you would label under the picture when posting it.
  6. Don’t post a picture of yourself in the mirror taking a photo.
  7. Don’t post photos of cars, trucks, trailers or RV’s in the driveway. They are not part of the sale and obstruct the view of the garage.
  8. Do ask the sellers to clean up on photo day. Put away dirty dishes. Clear off counters. Remove trash containers in front of home. Make the beds. Hide the dirty clothing.
  9. Don’t post photos that are blurry, crooked or too dark. View the photos that you have taken before leaving the seller’s home to make sure you have the right angles and lighting.
  10. Do one last walk-through before leaving the home. Take a second look in case you missed some important feature that should be included.

Here’s a website link if you’d like a good laugh today.

I’m sure you’ve seen pictures that would blow your mind. I would love it if you would share them by sending me some of the weird listing photos you have seen.

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