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Do You Share Real Estate Market Trends with Your Clients?

A View from the Beach
A View from the Beach

Becoming the local real estate expert isn’t just about knowing what’s going on in your corner of the world.

It’s about keeping your clients, past home buyers and sellers in the loop about local real estate trends on a consistent basis. Updating them monthly would be the best case scenario. However, bi-monthly may be okay too if you are in a less-volatile market.

Here are a few suggestions on how to keep them informed—and promote expertise at the same time.

  1. Send a monthly video report using a service like BombBomb, and then give them a link to download a document you have prepared.
  2. Post a “Just Sold” ad on Facebook along with a link to download the local market trends.
  3. Watch for expired listings and send them your real estate trends report with your contact info and an outline of how you can help them sell their home.
  4. Ask for email addresses at open houses and tell them you would like to send them your most recent report on real estate trends
  5. Hire a graphic designer to create an “infographic” template where you can input info on a monthly basis—median sales price—days on the market—inventory trends—homes listed/sold for the month.
  6. Call FSBO sellers and ask if they would like a copy of your real estate trends report. Or obtain their addresses by searching Zillow’s FSBO section on their website and sending your report in the mail.
  7. Deliver or send a “Just Listed” flyer to everyone in the neighborhood. Include interior photos and a short version of your report within the flyer. Ask them to contact you if they would like the “expanded” version.
  8. Send your report to the local newspapers and TV stations on a consistent basis. They may include it in an article or a news story on real estate in your community.
  9. Post your report on Instagram
  10. Post your report on LinkedIn
  11. Post your report in the local homes magazines.

Use all of these strategies, or just 4 or 5 of them. If you want to create a brand and become a credible real estate agent, it’s important that you use multiple methods to get your report in the hands of your clients on a regular basis.

What else would you add to this list?

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