Realtor Advice

What if You Forgot Your Measuring Tape?

So, you just arrived at a listing and you forgot your measuring tape. Here’s a quick way to measure practically anything—if you to have to figure out some dimensions right now!


      It’s about 1” in diameter

Paper Money:

    It’s 2-1/2” by 6”. Paper can wrap around object so it also comes in handy if you have to measure small, curved items.

Credit Card:

      It measures 2” x 3-1/2”. (Can also be used to scrape ice off car windows.)


      The span of your outstretched arms is usually roughly equal to your height — so if you are 5’9”, by stretching your arms, measuring from the tip of your left hand to the tip of your right hand should be about 5’ 9” in length.


    A size 10-1/2 man’s shoe is about 1 foot long. For women, size 8 is about 10 inches long. Measure by walking heel to toe.


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