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When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Voice Message Greeting?

A View from the Beach

Have you checked your voice message greeting lately?

Is it outdated?

Is it still relevant?

Is there background noise?

Many people record a voice message — and then forget about it.

I suggest that you update it at least once a year.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when re-recording your voice message

  1. Is it too lengthy?
  2. Does it sound sickly “sweet”?
  3. Does it make you cringe (like nails on a chalkboard)?
  4. Is it upbeat and positive?
  5. Does it sound like you are irritated or bothered?
  6. Is it cheerful?
  7. Does it provide too many details?
  8. Is it too lengthy?
  9. Is it a little bit clever?
  10. Do you use different tones/inflections?
  11. Does your greeting reflect your personality?

Experts recommend that you write out a script.

Keep it at 30 seconds or so.

Practice it over and over again.

Ask someone to critique it for you.

Record it and listen to it yourself. Re-record until you are satisfied.

Ask someone to call you and listen to it again.

Oh, and then remind yourself to re-record by adding a note to your calendar to update your voice message next year.

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