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Don’t Give Up on Internet Leads

Now, I’m not talking about the leads you get from Zillow or lead-generation websites.

Internet marketers will tell you that when you buy leads, be prepared to call them within 3 minutes (yes, minutes) of getting the lead. And, most of the time, those leads are either poor leads or the information is “sold” multiple times to other real estate agents.

I’m talking about self-generated leads. Leads from your website. An unsolicited email. A Google search by the client. Phone calls.

The beauty of self-generated leads is:

  • They are contacting you because they really don’t have a connection with another real estate agent.
  • If you can convey that you are “the expert” and you can build trust right away, they will be loyal to you.
  • Rarely do you have an argument about commission rates.
  • They have usually researched info about you ahead of time and that’s why they decided to contact you.
  • Consider it a long-term lead and keep in touch on a regular basis
  • They are not always 6 to 12 to 18 months out from buying or selling

When they contact you by email, your contact form from your website, a phone call — interview them!

In addition to the normal questions regarding the type of property, the dollar amount, if they need a mortgage, have they been pre-approved, ask them these questions:

  • Why did you choose to contact me?
  • What type of service do you expect from a real estate agent?
  • What type of information are you “specifically” looking for?

Set up your database. Don’t ask them how often they would like you to keep in touch with them. TELL THEM how often they can expect to hear from you.

And most importantly, call or email them when you say you are going to!

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