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Professional Selfies for Social Media Sites

Professional Selfies for Social Media Sites
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Forget Glamour Shots!

Our smartphone cameras have come a long way and some of the newest models on the market can take portraits as beautifully as high end digital cameras. How does your social media profile picture measure up? If you think it could be better, here are few tips from LinkedIn:

Before You Start

  • Find a blank neutral colored wall in a nicely lit area. Preferably not stark white, but void of any pictures or background “clutter;” natural light is going to provide a more even tone than a flash will – south facing windows are great, but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Think about what you’re wearing. Wear a solid color that enhances your personal skin tone and hair color; avoid flashy accessories – unless that is your signature accessory.
  • Consider keeping the image simple. This professional shot is about you, and what you can do for your clients…pictures with animals (like dogs) or in lifestyle settings (like on a boat) could actually deter from your goal.

Taking The Shot

  • Do Not Use The Flash.
  • This is where a selfie stick comes in handy! The problem with “selfie arm” is the slightly distorted angle of your face…unless you’re Kim Kardashian who has probably spent 100s of hours “perfecting” the selfie, best to either have a buddy take the image, or set up your phone on a tripod with a timer.
  • But if you are going with the selfie arm… look up at the camera at a slight angle rather than down. This angle removes the shadows and is a flattering angle for your face.
  • Head and shoulders above the rest… not just your business slogan, but also an easy tip to remember for your profile picture. You’ll be able to crop the shot after taking…so take many pictures till you are satisfied. Also take the image from different angles, usually a slight angle will be more flattering than a straight “face to camera” shot.
  • And while you’re at it, don’t center yourself in the image. It’s suggested to follow the rule of thirds. Your eyes should be one third of the way down from the top of the photo and off to one side. This allows for plenty of room to crop the shot.
  • Where should I look?? Look at a spot in the middle of the top of your smartphone – it helps center your face. And remember to look natural – you want your clients to see your personality!

After You Photograph

  • Edit away! The beauty of smartphones are the features that come with the camera function – you can crop, adjust lighting, enhance tone, even add a filter – but keeping the color crisp and “normal” is probably best.
  • Sending your image via email – if you are going to send the images to yourself via email, send a few at different resolutions. Some social media sites can take higher resolution/larger files while others have more limitations. The point is to make sure your image isn’t blurry.

So, until that time when you can schedule a shoot with a professional photographer for really awesome headshots, use these tips to create a respectable and informal profile picture to help create new connections.

Summary of Tips

Be aware of your surroundings

Do use natural light

Do use a good camera option

Do think about the angle

Do think about what you’re wearing

Don’t center yourself

Let your professional personality shine through

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