Consumer Advice

What about Those Energy Audits?

What is an energy audit?

It’s an audit by a qualified company to determine the efficiency of your heating, insulation, doors, windows, etc.

The audit considers a home a “system” where the components work together to determine where you might improve and save money on energy costs.

The contractor provides a series of tests.

A blower door test and a duct blaster test are done.  This determines if there are potential “leaks” that can be plugged around windows, doors and furnace area.

They also should check for air-flow pressure, energy efficiency, moisture and air-quality issues.

Here’s the thing.

Many of the recommendation are inexpensive fixes.  You normally don’t have to replace windows or doors—just provide additional insulation.

Good air flow may be a matter of cleaning your furnace or servicing your air conditioning unit.

Most of all, you may save a ton of money in energy costs.

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