New Year’s Day Golf

We started the new year with decent golfing weather at the beach – high in the mid-60’s, but Cripple Creek was wet and soggy as we have had rain for several days.  I love to play golf on New Year’s Day and this year was no exception.

Heading out to the Creek around 9:30, I’d forgotten that one of our members has an annual couples event every January 1st.  Getting out in front of them was my most immediate goal so I headed off #10 to play the back 9.  Carrying a lighter bag with only 9 clubs, I decided to play 2 balls on each hole and take the worst of the two (2) scores.  The temp was warming up, but the wind was tricky.  Nine (9) holes later, I was 4 over par.  My birdies (2 of them) did not count because I had to take the worse score on my second ball.

All in all – very happy with the practice.

Finishing the back 9 and heading to the first tee, I spotted 4 guys that I play with quite often during the regular golf season.  The couples had gotten out of the way and we all decided to play as a five-some – not always kosher in season, but this time of year it works fine.

Because I was only playing 9 more holes (the front 9), the other guys paired off into teams for a match.  However, I wanted some action as well as I always play better with some skin in the game.  I’m currently a 3 handicap and the other guys included an 8, a 12, a 14, and a 19 handicap so I offered to play them for $1 a hole – my ball versus the best ball of their foursome.  If I win a hole, I get $1 from each of them, but it’s $4 for each hole I lose.

The match was fun for me – we halved the first 3 holes with pars and then I won the 4th with a birdie, making a 6 footer on the par 5.  We halved the next hole with bogeys and I won number 6 and number 7 with pars – putting me 3 up.

I hit a good drive down the middle on the 8th hole and only had 125 left to the par 4.  The shot was into a stiff breeze and had to carry a pond.  One brain cramp later, I shanked a wedge into the pond and ended up making a double – losing the hole and dropping to 2 up from 3.

The last hole was routine with a drive in the fairway, a 9 iron to the green and 2 putts for par – unfortunately all four of my playing competitors missed the green and could not get up and down for par.

All in, it was a fun start to 2019 and its always good to start the year with a win.

Next up – DSGA Frozen Friday tournament.  Funny enough, it is at Cripple Creek this week.  I’ll update the blog with results.




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