Frozen Fridays – DSGA @ Cripple Creek

Friday, January 4, 2018

The Delaware State Golf Association (DSGA) conducted a “Frozen Friday” tournament at my home club – Cripple Creek – and I decided to play.  Luckily, my friend and fellow member Alan Bloom also signed up for the tournament.  Unluckily, I also decided to forget that I’d ever putted on Cripple Creek’s greens!

Yes, it was basically a horror show from 10AM to 2:30PM today.  There were the five (5) three-putts starting on the very first hole we played (#9 for those familiar with “The Creek”), a beautifully shanked 5 iron across the water on #17, and a “topped” 3 Wood into the pond on #15.  These unfortunate displays of talent were accompanied by several muffled, fatted, swiped, chucked and bladed short irons into our still relatively smooth and ok paced greens.

The Driver was the only club I hit well (10 or 14 fairways) and the result was an 82 – not particularly strong when you are carrying a 3 handicap all winter.  Alan told me he was really happy that I played in the tournament, as it was his first DSGA event.  He just wished the “real” Jeff had played.

Our playing partners were a nice retired couple from Jonathan’s Landing – Mark & Dottie Moore.  They both shot 96 – but I’ll tell you that Dottie could hit the ball.  She probably averaged 180-190 off the tee.  Here downfall was a putting stroke worse than the one I displayed.

Alan played to his typical mid-80’s – with a bunch of pars inter-sperced with  the occasional triple and quad bogeys.

So, I have some work to do – mostly in my heard forgetting this round.  Takeaways?  When you miss a 6 inch putt for bogey, it’s ok to turn around and birdie the next hole.  Yes, I did that too!

Next up is our regular Sunday Game at the Creek.  Hit it hard and play fast.


Here is my scorecard if you are interested:   Scorecard – DSGA/Cripple Creek 1/4/

Here is the scoring system used: Modified Calloway Scoring

Here are the final results: Cripple Creek Results

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